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February 10, 2010


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Women’s Breakthroughs is a personal development service set up to support women in achieving their full potential.

It is founded by Life Coach and personal development teacher Oma Edoja and is run by women, for women. This means that we understand the needs, frustrations and the odds peculiar to women striving to be all they can be.

Specifically, Women’s Breakthroughs supports women in the areas of

     * Successful small business

     *  Life’s goals and dreams and

     *  Fulfilling a calling/ministry

Women’s Breakthroughs provides the coaching, support and growth resources to help women break through from dreaming to achieving. We help eliminate the frustration, sense of loss and even the embarrassment that could come from unfulfilled dreams and unattained goals. We help you deal with your fears and take action to move beyond them. If you feel stuck at some point in your business, life or calling, that time is passing you by, or that you may never achieve your dreams, we are here to show you there is a way forward and to stand by you as you walk it. If there is an unfulfilled dream in your heart, please do not give it up. We believe that every woman deserves to have her dreams come true, and this includes you.

What do you dream of?

  • What is it you dream of?
  • Is this what you really want, for yourself, and not to please someone else?
  • What is stopping you from reaching what you want?
  • Who do you need to become in order to “get there”?  
  • How can you overcome the sabotaging habits and behaviours that hinder you?

These are some of the issues we explore with our clients to help them get clear on the path to take. Together we can evaluate your options, set up a plan, and stick with you till you reach your target. Our support is non-judgmental and objective. We would love to help you BREAK THROUGH to victory!

Women’s Breakthroughs appreciates your stopping by as we build our new website and we would love to contribute to your personal development. We therefore offer you a new mini-collection of inspirational articles reprinted from Oma’s ezines and blogs, titled: Zest for Today with Oma Edoja

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